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WHOIS records, short for “Who Is,” are publicly accessible databases that contain information about the registration and ownership of domain names, IP addresses, and autonomous systems. These records provide valuable insights into the identity of domain registrants, their contact details, and the administrative and technical aspects of domain management.
With our advanced WHOIS record data monitoring service, you can delve into the rich history of any domain name and uncover the identities of past owners, registrars, and other key players.


WHOIS Protection

Registration Date

Last Update Date

Expiration Date

Transfer date

Registrar Name & ID


Registrant Name

Registrant country

Registrants Contacts

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WHOIS records for every domain name

Gain unparalleled insight into the ownership history of any domain name with our comprehensive WHOIS record data monitoring. We collect complete WHOIS information for every domain name (if it is available) parsing it for making it more accesible. The parsed WHOIS record includes Whois Protection Status, Registration, Last Update, and Expiration Date, Registrar, RegistrantName, Email, Country, etc.

– Enhance your customer profiles by accessing WHOIS information before redaction.

– Gain insights into domains related to competitors, customers, and industry players.

– Develop comprehensive attacker profiles, including details about their domain portfolios.

Conduct the Reverse WHOIS Lookup

Our Reverse WHOIS Lookup tool takes a different approach, enabling you to identify all domain names registered to a particular person, organization, or email address. Use the appropriate filter in Funnels or simply click on the record you want to conduct a reverse search for in Domain Details and find all other domains with the same record. This powerful tool is invaluable for:

– Investigating potential spam or phishing domains

– Identifying potential domain squatting or cybersquatting activities

– Gauging the trustworthiness of third-party vendor domains by performing Reverse DNS lookups.

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Check WHOIS History

WHOIS History Lookup tool allows you to effortlessly track the ownership history of any domain name. With just a few clicks, you can gain access to past owners and their contact details, domain registration dates and expirations, registrar information and changes, and name server history. The ability to conduct a WHOIS history lookup is especially important to spotting drop-catch domain names. 

– Identify anomalies in historical WHOIS records as part of risk assessment strategies.

– Extract clues from WHOIS history records, including identifiable information about cybercriminals.

– Utilize domain history records as a proactive measure in fraud prevention techniques.


Tracking over 1.4 billion both registered and unregistered domains.

Storing 80 billion historical records since 2011.

Updating WHOIS records
every 45 days

Covering 99.5% of all generic and country-code top-level domain names.

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