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Learn everything there is to know about any particular domain name on the Internet or analyze them in bulk to see patterns, connections, threats and opportunities with domain name information check. DomainCrawler provides actionable insights that can be used for monitoring domain activity, assessing the success of a campaign, identifying potential churn risks or loss revenue and many more.


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Analyze any zone file, domains under management or any other subset of domain names to see how many of them have redirection. Go deeper and see how many of them are aimed to another domain extension. Understanding how many domain names in the zone file have redirect helps to evaluate the overall health brand awareness of the TLD. Gaining these data insights will help uncover the motivations behind these redirects and inform strategic decision-making.

Domain Length analysis

While the length of a domain name may not seem to be the most revealing factor on its own, it can be quite insightful when considered alongside other indicators. For instance, fraudsters often employ specific techniques to craft domain names that mislead users and lure them into fraudulent activities. The number of characters in domain names can be considered an indicator for the renewal probability by registries or registrars: the longer domain name the less probable that it is fgoing to be renewed.

Domain Length analysis
Find how domain is used

Find how domain is used

Filter domains by usage to gain a comprehensive understanding of the domain names within a zone file or domain under management (DUM). By classifying domains as developed, undeveloped, inactive, parked, or redirected, you can assess the overall health of the zone file or DUM and identify opportunities for more effective marketing and sales campaigns.


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