Domain data for sales intelligence

Find potential clients, research competitors, and analyze the market

Laptop_Sales Intelligence

Outperform the competition with data-driven marketing and sales. With domain data for sales intelligence from DomainCrawler, your partners will be able to identify companies that match their ideal customer profile and track their competitors.

Database_Domain data for sales intelligence

Structured database with more than 1.4 B domains

List_Domain data for sales intelligence

Over 80 billion
historical records

Upload_Domain data for sales intelligence

Updating data
every week

Globe_Domain data for sales intelligence

Covering 99.5%
of all gTLDs and ccTLD

Monitor_Domain data for sales intelligence

Monitor your competitors

Wondering which CMS, CRM or any other solution is behind a website? We’ll help you to find that out. From framework to an ecommerce platform – uncover technology stack used by your competitors on their websites

Laptop_Domain data for sales intelligence

Find your ideal customer

Finding customers that match your ICP can be tricky. Conduct the search in the metacontent to find customers that have certain keywords in their HTML information and use web data for sales intelligence.

Laptop_Domain data for sales intelligence

Uncover connections between domain names

With reverse lookups you’ll be able to see networks that surround any domain name you are interested in. Track the digital footprint of your clients’ competition: domains with the same IP address, name servers and mail service.

Contract_Domain data for sales intelligence

Begin new business relationships without fear

WHOIS records can be used to carry out background checks on new suppliers, customers, and partners before making significant orders or signing up new contracts.

Ensure a data-driven approach to your commercial efforts with domain data for sales intelligence from DomainCrawler


Complete DNS data lookup

Domain name attributes

Historical and reverse WHOIS

Search in website meta content

SSL certificate information

Website technologies lookup


Find new marketing opportunities with domain data for sales intelligence