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Combat brand infringement and trademark abuse with domain name data

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Keeping a brand or trademark safe from infringements and fraudsters can be a labour intensive effort possibly involving multiple tools and data streams with many manual checks and mapping involved. By using domain name data, online brand protection and revenue recovery agencies can find instances of domain name trademark infringement as soon as they might be occurring and build protective measures against fraudsters.

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Identify websites that sell counterfeit goods

Identify websites that sell counterfeit goods

Fake websites stack names of famous brands in their meta tags in order to obtain favourable rank using those keywords. Find them with the help of HTML research. HTML data includes meta description, meta keywords, H1 titles etc. giving basic understanding of a websites’ content.

Investigate ownership of fake websites

Investigate ownership of fake websites

Thanks to billions of historic WHOIS records you can track who stands behind counterfeit websites. Look through the records and see the change in ownership to uncover scammers and take measures to take down the fraudulent domain.

Uncover networks of scam

Uncover networks of scam sites with Reverse IP lookup

Scam networks are often hosted on the same IP. Using Reverse IP Lookup you can identifying other sites on the same shared hosting server. Utilizing domain name data for online brand protection, you can find out IP address and name server of any website in the world.

Monitor_Domain name data for online brand protection

Monitor newly registered and newly obsereved domains that infringe on your brand

DomainCrawler offers near-real time monitoring for both newly registered and newly observed domains so that you can know about and combat brand infringement and trademark abuse as soon as it appears on the web. Create alerts in our Domain research tool to get instant notification and combat the threats as they arise.

Improve the efficiency of your digital investigations and protect your customers from infringements


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Search in website meta content

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