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Digitalization brings opportunities and creates threats at the same time. Keeping track of all your digital assets can be challenging, often leading to overlooked vulnerabilities and outdated components. Use domain name threat intelligence from DomainCrawler to maintain a comprehensive profile of your entire infrastructure. 
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Structured database with
more than 1.4 B domains

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Over 80 billion
historical records

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Updating data
every week

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Covering 99.5%
of all gTLDs and ccTLD

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Maintain a comprehensive overview of your digital assets with monthly updates

Leverage our web data to gain monthly insights into your customers’ digital assets, including new or previously unknown ones. Seamlessly integrate our data solutions into your vulnerability management system via API data points, enabling continuous discovery of new digital assets and vulnerability assessments to spot domain name threats.

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Uncover hidden digital assets of your customers

Uncover the full extent of your customers’ online presence by enriching your data with insights into their previously unknown or new internet assets, including hosts, servers, domains, and websites. Utilize filters in our Domain Research Tool for DNS threat intelligence. Employ Reverse DNS to uncover machines connected to these domains, creating a comprehensive overview of your customers’ digital assets.

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Safeguard your customers' digital assets with comprehensive vulnerability detection

With our comprehensive domain name threats intelligence and vulnerability detection capabilities, you can identify and address a wide range of threats, including open ports, legacy PHP or Apache versions, outdated CMS versions, expiring or missing SSL certificates, and potential DNS attack risks. Leverage our web data for an ongoing assessment of cybersecurity risks, ensuring your customers’ digital assets remain protected against evolving cyber threats.

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Proactively manage your attack surface with continuous monitoring

Maintain a proactive defense against cyberattacks by continuously monitoring your attack surface for vulnerabilities, exposed assets, and potential threats. Continuously identify and track all your external digital assets, including websites, domains, subdomains, IP addresses, and cloud resources. Gain actionable insights into evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities targeting your specific attack surface.


Your customers' digital assets are safe and sound with domain name threat intelligence from DomainCrawler


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