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Real-time domain intelligence for journalists and OSINTers.

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In the data journalism business, agencies use our service to analyze key data to conduct investigations, track changes in data, and follow trends in technologies. By using domain data for data journalism, news agencies, researchers and open-source intelligence investigators can add a powerful tool to their data-collecting ability.
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Structured database with
more than 1.4 B domains

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Over 80 billion
historical records

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Updating data
every week

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Covering 99.5%
of all gTLDs and ccTLD

Database_Domain data for data journalism

Verify data sources

Regular WHOIS domain and website searches can give data journalists the upper hand. New web domain name registrations might highlight fake or unqualified data sources or fraudsters. This can be useful in the data validation process.

Laptop_Domain data for data journalism

Follow the traces left by digital wrongdoers

Scam networks are often hosted on the same IP. Using Reverse IP or name server lookup you can identify other sites on the same shared hosting server uncovering connections and following traces.

Network_Domain data for data journalism

Uncover hidden connections between individuals and organizations

Structured domain name data can be used to uncover hidden connections between individuals and organizations. This can be helpful for investigating potential conflicts of interest, tracking the spread of misinformation, or identifying the source of a cyberattack.

Monitor_Domain data for data journalism

Identify trending topics and emerging issues

By analyzing domain data for data journalism purposes, researchers can identify emerging topics and issues that may not yet be covered by mainstream media. This can help them to break new stories and stay ahead of the curve.


Go deeper with your investigation unravelling new connections and gaining insights.


Complete DNS data lookup

Domain name attributes

Historical and reverse WHOIS

Search in website meta content

SSL certificate information

Website technologies lookup


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