Internet Statistics Reports

Regular actionable insights into domain name activity

Internet Statistics Reports is a unique solution to get a bird-eye view of what is happening in any subset of domain names: zone file, domains under management, or any subset of domain names you would like to analyze. Simply provide our team with a list domain names and we will get back to you with a report packed with actionable insights. Learn everything you need to know about security and business situation. Get a clear view of and track domain name activity while exploring revenue gaps, reducing churn risks, mitigating potential security threats, and reducing operational costs all at once. 
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Track domain name activity

Detect parked domains or undeveloped websites, blogs, web shops, etc. and apply segmentation in different ways to have renewal and security risks under control, identify localized marketing opportunities, assess the success of a campaign and more. Have an early warning on low activity to have less churn and increase renewal rate. 

Empower the channel

Get to know your registrars’ businesses. Understand their customer base and the use of domains and TLD’s. Uncover registrars that are driving the most quality registrations, and which one is bringing suspicious ones. Be aware of the largest redirects in your zone file broken down by TLD and further down to registrar/reseller distribution. Share insights with channel partners to build deeper and authentic partnerships, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Identify threats and opportunities

Analyze services, technologies and DNS information and other domain name statistics. Find out who is the most popular service provider in your zone. Track the expiration dates of SSL certificates to have an opportunity for an upsell at right time. Track the usage of security measures such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC across your zone file to identify the risks early on.   

We analyze business and security signals withing the zone file or domains under management for you


Website content

Development of websites

Parking status 

All redirects including to other domains and TLDs

SSL certificates

SPF records

E-commerce providers

Technology trends


Security protocols




We deliver reports with the full result in a CSV file 

There is no limit to how many domains name you can submit. However, we advise to submit not less than 1000 for meaningful results.

We look at the HTTP responses and the HTML content associated with the domain. 

Yes, we do. No third party will get access to the domain names you submit.



Online brand protection agencies
Identify fake webshops, infringing domains, and copycat websites.
More use cases
Domain name registries, registrars and portfolio managers
Understand the usage of domain names to increase registrations and renewals.
More use cases
Cybersecurity experts
Identify and mitigate potential threats with domain name data.
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Sales intelligence and market researchers
Find potential clients, research competitors and analyze the market situation with domain data
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Data journalists and OSINTers
Uncover hidden patterns and traces with real-time domain intelligence.
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Law enforcement agencies
Uncover hidden criminal activity, track suspects, and gather evidence with our domain data solutions.
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