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Domain name data plays a crucial role in fighting cybercrime by providing valuable insights into the activities of cybercriminals. By analyzing domain name registrations, ownership information, and historical data, law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity professionals can identify malicious domains, track the movement of cybercriminals, and disrupt their operations.
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Structured database with
more than 1.4 B domains

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Over 80 billion
historical records

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every week

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Covering 99.5%
of all gTLDs and ccTLD

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Unveiling the hidden depths of cybercrime

Uncover the digital traces left by cybercriminals, including their domains, websites, associated IP addresses, geolocation data, nameservers, and other internet records. Augment your investigative efforts by revealing additional insights from properties that share similar DNS infrastructure and characteristics, providing domain data for law enforcement agencies from DomainCrawler.

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Shield the digital landscape

 Enhance the safety of communities, entities, and individuals with our real-time and early threat detection capabilities. Supply advanced law enforcement repositories and systems with immediate DNS event updates, enabling the identification of suspicious domains, subdomains, IP addresses, and other internet properties, effectively thwarting nascent threats.

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Disrupt the cybercriminal underworld

Compile essential information to dismantle the infrastructure of cybercriminals, scrutinizing the registration, administration, and assignment details of confirmed malicious domains and IP addresses. Furnish vital DNS intelligence to support the legal documentation and processes necessary for swift takedown actions.

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Protecting brand integrity

Secure real-time access to domain registration data, facilitating the prompt detection of domain drop-catching and cybersquatting activities that could fuel counterfeiting. Streamline the identification process by uncovering additional domains registered by the offending party, ensuring that counterfeit operations are intercepted before they can tarnish brand reputation.


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