All-in-one domain name research platform for Internet monitoring

Domain Research Tool is a digital platform that allows IT-forensics and researchers to scan the entire Internet and analyze every record that surrounds any domain name. DNS records, SSL certificate information, WHOIS database, website technologies, metacontent, and much more – all in one place. With the help of the Domain Research Tool, digital investigators can analyze domain names both in bulk and individually spotting trends, connections, and abnormalities.

What's inside Domain Research Tool

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Funnels functionality of the Domain Research Tool allows users to scan the entire internet and detect domain names and websites that have common features or records. Over 100 filters in six categories, namely Content, Website technologies, Domain Attributes, Domain Ownership, DNS attributes will help you find hidden connections between domains and gain business and security insights. Combine and stack filters together to make your research precise and accurate. Apply Automated Alerts and get notifications when new domain names that match your search criteria emerges.

Domain Details

With the Domain Details functionality of the Domain Research Tool, you can learn everything about any domain name on the Internet including its ownership information and history. Take a look under the hood of every domain on the internet and view the HTML, DNS, WHOIS, SSL, and other records associated with this domain name. Go back in time and investigate historical records for every category that goes back as far as 2011 when we first started collected the data. Conduct reverse lookup and find all domain names that share the same record, be it IP address, Registrant Name, CMS or anything else.

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Lists functionality of the Domain Research platform allows users to analyze up to 10,000 domain names at once. Simply paste the list of domains into the search box, and select what types of data you’d like to be displayed in the final result. The final result can include over 30 different types of records, such as A, AAAA, VX, NS, NXN, SPF, Hosting, Redirects, Registrant name, registrar, Reseller and so on. Analyze zone files, domains under management or any subset of domain names to gain deeper understanding of the security situation and actionable signals for business intelligence.

Research domain name data with a powerful solution for IT forensics and digital researchers

Use cases for Domain Research Tool

Keyword research

Typosquatting detection

Website usage lookup

Domain name search

Reverse and historical WHOIS

Reverse IP search

Reverse NS (NameServer) search

Reverse MX (MailExchange) search

Website technologies lookup

SSL certificate information check

Website framework check

Security protocols lookup


Online brand protection agencies
Identify fake webshops, infringing domains, and copycat websites.
More use cases
Domain name registries, registrars and portfolio managers
Understand the usage of domain names to increase registrations and renewals.
More use cases
Cybersecurity experts
Identify and mitigate potential threats with domain name data.
More use cases
Sales intelligence and market researchers
Find potential clients, research competitors and analyze the market situation with domain data
More use cases
Data journalists and OSINTers
Uncover hidden patterns and traces with real-time domain intelligence.
More use cases
Law enforcement agencies
Uncover hidden criminal activity, track suspects, and gather evidence with our domain data solutions.
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FAQ aBout domain research tool

Yes, you can export the results of your research in CSV format.

Yes, with the help of automatic alerts you will receive a notification every time when a domain name that matches your criteria emerges.

Using our clear and well-documented API you can connect Domain Research Tool to your solution.

Yes, we do. Our customers may re-sell our data within their software and client reports.