DomainCrawler is a pioneer in the field of online data collection and structuring. We have been indexing and storing backlink and domain data since 2008 when our founders had a vision of creating a database focused not only on gTLDs but ccTLDs as well. Our team consists of software developers, engineers and data scientists who work tirelessly to deliver our partners the most quality web data they can find on the market.

The full suite of our products includes clear and easy-to-integrate APIs for backlink and domain names investigations. By adding them to their systems, our partners get access to one of the most comprehensive databases in the world.

The data DomainCrawler offer helps make Internet a safer, cleaner and more vibrant space. Knowing that gives us a motivation to provide our customers with the best, most quality data on the market.

We provide enterprises with the most accurate web data, allowing them to fight cyber fraudsters, perform domain monitoring, conduct comprehensive market research, and enable the best data-driven business decisions. By using backlink information, we are able to identify the surge in the number of backlinks to the website and hence detect scammers in the process of building their link networks in order to rank higher in search engines. This feature allows to prevent brand infringements, not just deal with the consequences.

Through the Backlink API project DomainCrawler provides SEO professionals, rank trackers and marketing researchers with the most accurate backlink data, allowing them to generate better reports for their clients, expand domain coverage, save resources on crawling and increase revenue per customer.

With unparalleled customer support, we ensure hassle-free integration and the most effective usage of our product for partners and customers

Our mission is to empower companies

with quality web data

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About us_Ricard Vikstrom

Rickard Vikström


Rickard is founder and board member of several companies including Stay Secure, Holm Security, Wincher, and Internet Vikings. Driven by the vision of indexing the entire Internet, he started DomainCrawler which became a pioneer in domain data collecting and structuring.

About us_Victor Jerlin

Victor Jerlin


Victor is one of the most prominent European entrepreneurs. As a founder, he was or is involved in several successful projects including Internet Vikings, Snapback and Holm Security. Victor's tech-savviness is the foundation of DomainCrawler's know-how and innovation.

About us_Alona Borzhemska

Alona Borzhemska

Chief Commercial Officer

Alona is an experienced manager and relationship builder with a deep passion and curiosity around technology. Taking care of sales and business development efforts for DomainCrawler, she has deep understanding of issues brand owners encounter with cyber fraudsters.

About us_Danny Aerts

Danny Aerts

Senior Adviser

Danny has over 30 years’ experience in IT-sector, 15 years as CEO at Swedish Internet Foundation. Unisource Mobile, Telia, PTT Telecom, and Spray where he also served as CEO. Danny is DomainCrawler’s Senior Adviser since October 2021.

About us_Anna Dobrovolskaya

Anna Dobrovolskaya

Senior Adviser

For more than a decade Anna Dobrovolskaya has assisted growing companies to implement numerous strategies for lead generation, website traffic, brand influence & visibility. Anna's wealth of experience is irreplaceable for developing DomainCrawler's marketing strategy.


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Stockholm, Sweden


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Keeping our planet's best interest at heart

DomainCrawler is a company that committed to principles of a sustainable development and tries to operate in a climate-smart way. We are following the internal "green"policies in travelling, dealing with suppliers and office management. We are also a proud holders of Breakit Impakt Challenge diploma for completing 5 steps of ecological boost-camp in October-November of 2021.



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