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Domain Crawler is a project that can be called a pioneer in the field of online data collection and structuring. It was started in 2006 when our founders had a vision of creating a database with domain and cyber security information focused on all ccTLDs and gTLDs. 

There were no similar projects then and no other platform could grant users access to such database. 

Almost 15 years later Domain Crawler is one of the leaders of the sectors. Our team consists of programmers and data scientists who work tirelessly to deliver updates of information for all domain names in the world on a weekly basis.

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We aim to prevent security threats long before they hit your business

Domain and DNS data analysis, as well as thorough trend monitoring, allow us to do that efficiently. Using our own software and algorithms we accumulate data for indexation and analysis in order to provide ready-to-use intelligence with all the necessary details.

Our in-house crawlers have been collecting data for the last 14 years. There is no doubt that Domain Crawler project has the biggest and most comprehensive platform on the market. 

But don’t take it for granted. Contact us and let’s discuss our advantages and how we can help you to get more data for your customers.

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Sales Intelligence
Comprehensive data source and analysis for your clients
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Cyber Security
Fraud prevention & protection for your clients' business
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Data Points
Who owns the data, owns the world
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Domain Crawler is suitable for content marketing, lead generation, brand monitoring, etc.
It also can be used for product and price intelligence, as well as MAP compliance research.

Data Science, financial researches, data journalism – areas of application of our product are endless.

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