Online scams are on the rise. Most developed countries now state that between 20% to 30% of all crimes reported to the police are related to online fraud which is only the tip of the iceberg. Both individuals and businesses are suffering from the malicious activity of wrongdoers accounting for nearly $50 billion loss last year.
In addition, it is fairly easy for bad actors to set up a fake webshop or conduct any other illegal activity online because of the way hosting companies, SSL certifiers, e-commerce platforms, email houses, registries and registrars offer their infrastructure.
In order to turn the tide, new ways have to be found.
That is why on October 25 at 16:0 CET we’ll sat together with Professor Jorij Abraham from Global Ani-Scam Alliance and Rickard Vikström from DomainCrawler to discuss how we as individuals, enterprises and countries fight them on a local and global scale.

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Photo Jorij Abraham​
Jorij Abraham​
Managing Director | Global Anti-Scam Alliance
Photo Rickard Vikström
Rickard Vikström
Founder | DomainCrawler​

Who may benefit from it the most?

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About DomainCrawler:
About DomainCrawler
DomainCrawler is a leading B2B provider of quality domain and backlink data via easy-to-integrate solutions. With one of the most comprehensive and frequently updated databases in the world, DomainCrawler provides enterprises with the most accurate web data, allowing them to fight cyber fraudsters, prevent brand infringements, conduct comprehensive market research, and enable the best data-driven business decisions.