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DomainCrawler offers its clients a wide range of digital data – from snapshots of websites to SSL certificate information. The data we deliver to our customers helps them protect their investments and scale businesses with confidence. Domain Crawler is the right place for everyone who looks for a reliable source of data.

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However, we understand that the purchasing process usually starts with research in order to identify the best offer. It is important to know all the options to make an informed decision.
That’s why we took the liberty to conduct a little research ourselves. In this section, you will find the findings of our competition analysis.

Let’s start with Webspotter.io which has 7 variables which include tracking specific technologies, certain keywords, traffic, location and number of incoming links. Domain Crawler up offers customers 24 data points, and the number is growing.

There is also another product which deserves to be mentioned. That is Archive.org, the enormous giant of all internet data services, which has more than 20 years of web history accessible through the Wayback Machine. Of course, it’s hard to compete with it right now, but competition is the engine of progress! We have our strengths. Domain Crawler can offer WHOIS and DNS data from 2011, as well as archive snapshots of numerous sites, starting from 2019 at a more attractive price.

Certainly, there is plenty of room for us to develop and improve our services. For example, Rescan.io analyses around 200,000,000 domain names daily. Our mark is 157,000,000 for DNS, SSL certs, tracking specific technologies and services, etc. But given the momentum we gained, we expect to outgrow those numbers soon enough.

Domain Crawler is an ambitious project that unites professionals with a genuine passion for leadership

The fundamental principles of Domain Crawler’ team are Premium Quality, Breakthrough Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction.

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