Domain Crawler vs. BuiltWith

Our advantages over key competitors

BuiltWith is a popular analytical software used to profile websites, generate leads, and analyze market data. Many of its satisfied customers swear by its convenience and range of features, but we at Domain Crawler firmly believe that our services offer a competitive advantage like no other.

This article will take a closer look at BuiltWith and determine how it stacks up against Domain Crawler. We will leave it up to you to make a choice.

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How Does BuiltWith Compare to Domain Crawler?

Everyone agrees that BuiltWith excels at identifying the entire tech stack of a website, which makes it easier for you to provide a superior service to customers. However, there are some issues.

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Firstly, some websites actively block the software, making their data inaccessible. Secondly, a lot of BuiltWith customers have complained about inaccuracies in their data, which makes it challenging to include in analysis for business decisions. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. Sam Laber, founder and CEO of Spoonful has this to say about BuiltWith’s results: BuiltWith does a quarterly crawl of all the websites they track. This means that changes made to the site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are often not reflected in the data they serve.

What you need is software that can access any website and provide reliable results. With Domain Crawler, you get the most ambitious data-based web project yet, with the ultimate goal to download the Internet. 

Domain Crawler ensures that you access all the relevant websites and their data and that this information will be accurate. For example, as for technologies used by websites, Domain Crawler scans them every 1-2 weeks. This will help you conduct a better analysis of key metrics, and your business will be in a better position to provide services to clients as a result.

What Does Domain Crawler Do Better Than BuiltWith?
Data Processing Duration

Even though BuiltWith is a useful tool to gain insights, it is not comprehensive enough to solely rely on. The software is known to take a long time to process your data you filter out.

In contrast, Domain Crawler prides itself on providing its customers with complete access to the Internet’s archives. This depth of historical data can be easily sifted through, so you can reach the data you’re looking for. 

Features Comparison

BuilltWith also lacks some key features such as whois lookups, while Domain Crawler comes equipped with a comprehensive set of functions. A unique feature for Domain Crawler that sets it apart is the snapshot feature that you can use to display the state of a website on a particular day in the past. We’ve dubbed it the Internet Time-machine for this reason! 

Additionally, Domain Crawler provides much more information than its counterpart about each website, such as domain expiration dates or domain registration history. This gives you an edge when dealing with clients, and it can enable you to have a productive conversation in previously untapped markets.


Domain Crawler and BuiltWith offer their services in the same price range. Both companies have three pre-packaged options that can be described as basic, standard and premium. The price for each package is the same for Domain Crawler and BuiltWith and at the moment of the writing of this article is 295, 495, and 995 EURO per month, respectively. BuiltWith offers customers a discount if they sign up for a year or more, while Domain Crawler doesn’t.

Instead, they offer custom-tailored solutions for customers who need larger data volumes. This approach allows Domain Crawler to meet clients’ business needs in the best possible way. Innovative ideas and the ability to adapt to deliver the result that can exceed customer’s expectations are features the company is known for. 


While BuiltWith is still an excellent choice if you want to learn about the tech stack of a website, it lacks the depth of features that you can enjoy with Domain Crawler.

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