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Our advantages over key competitors

In the world we live today, information is the most important resource. The growing demand for data is obvious to many. Domain Crawler is not the only company that provides Internet data for cyber security and intelligence. However, Domain Crawler possesses some advantages over competition which are making your decision to work with us a truly wise one.

Those are not just our words, those are facts which we are willing to present in a series of brief articles where we demonstrate our advantages over key competitors. Not to brag, but to give you arguments to make an informed choice.

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In this article, we are going to compare Domain Crawler with
Old enough and quite respected web-crawling company that has operated since 2008, which we have extensively analysed for several weeks.
Here’s the summary of our findings

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Database transforms the internet into a structured database. Their crawlers are going from link to link to index all websites and collect data on over 280 million domains from 50 different countries each month. is a sales intelligence software that allows you to conduct target search of companies with a specific set of real-time data-points, including both firmographics, technographics, and buying signals. We collect data from more than 60 countries worldwide and now has over 400 million active domains in our database and 1.1 billion overall. As well as, we have historical and current data. However, if our competitor shows historical data for the last 5 years, we can present historical data since 2011 (WHOIS and DNS data).

Data points summarises all the data collected in a platform and the outcomes of your searches can be then downloaded in .CSV format. The information you can get will include company information, contact details, eCommerce characteristics, hosting properties, and technical aspects. in its turn can add domain expiration dates, domain registration history and much more to this list. We also save website snapshots, an option that is not available with Learn more about the data points delivered by domain Crawler here.


In the rapidly changing world of data, updates frequency is a key parameter of quality. updates its database once a month. data updates the data with the following frequency:

  • Systems* – every 14 days
  • Owners – every 45 days
  • Snapshots – every 90 days (target)

We are constantly working to improve the rate of our updates in order to provide you with the most relevant information.

*DNS, SSL certs, tracking specific technologies and services and more

In conclusion

DataProvider is a well-positioned company with its own merits. However, Domain Crawler outperforms by several key parameters.

Choosing to work with Domain Crawler as your data provider, you choose Premium Quality, Breakthrough Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction

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