Cyber Security

Fraud prevention & protection for your clients’ business
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Business security with data analysis

Support your client’s decisions with comprehensive data

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Reliable Tools

In-house software developed by the team of professionals based on decade experience

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Big Pool of Data

Our servers are full of Internet history that we have been storing since 2006

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Full Digital History

Domain Crawler has the largest database with an all-inclusive digital archive

Let us be your reliable partner in the arsenal of online fraud prevention

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Keep an eye on hidden threats

Digitalization brings opportunities and creates threats at the same time. Use data to help your clients choose suppliers, partners, and make investments.

Domain Crawler helps you discover footprints of fraudsters and protect your clients from falling into a trap.

Investigate, identify, and fight cybercriminals​

Travel back in time and take a look at already deleted websites with the help of archive snapshot

Learn everything about HTML language, meta keywords and link tags of any website. Be one step ahead of the competition for your partners’ success

Learn more about the team of developers and persons authorized to sell publishers or distributors’ inventory of any given website

WHOIS allows you to find info about the company that owns the domain, find websites owned by a certain entity, registration and re-registration dates of the domain name and lots of other data

Looking for the information about related domain names? We can help you find all domains owned by the same company

Additional information about related domain names to ensure 100% accuracy

All the data you need to track the competition of your clients – domains hosted at the same IP address or sharing the same NS servers and mail service. Find out the growing rate of a company with DNS TXT records

Knowing the content of robots.txt file, calculate the data of frameworks and tools that are used on any given website 

Wonder which Content Management System is behind a website? We’ll help you to find that out

Power of data for the success of your business

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